[HIRING] Barry's American Diner - Modelling Position [10k+]

Barry’s American Diner - Food Modelling Position

Barry’s American Diner is currently looking for a food modeller to join the development team ready for our Version One release. Right now, the Diner is being built, and then UI’s will be created and programmed, as well as all of the other work we have going on. I can promise it will be a different type of restaurant experience, and I have lots in store as the project organiser/leader.

About Us!

Barry’s American Diner is a group I created back in October 2018, we have an active community on Discord, and we are relatively well staffed. We have prepared everything ready, such as our guides and Trello boards in order to start the exciting process of starting development. As the name suggests, it will be a comforting American Diner restaurant incorporated with western, retro and modern influences.

What we are aiming to offer that is different from the various and vast amount of groups is our uniquely created ordering and serving systems, and our plentiful menu options.
This is where the modeller will come into play…

Task Information

Your task upon accepting the project will be to create a variety of around 25 different menu items, this can always be stripped down to as little as 20 if needed, that will be served within our restaurant. You can either mesh these items within a modelling software, or build the model within Roblox Studio, as long as parts are kept to a minimum and it still looks good.

These models include simple things such as Fries or Ice Cream, but will also range up to items such as Lobster Tail and Rump Steak.

We are flexible with our payment, and so our starting price for all of these items will be 8,000 Robux. The price can rage upwards of 10,000 Robux IF good work is produced beyond our expectations, if you are quick at making the models, or if we like your work ethic and charisma.

We are also looking to invest at least 20-30k into advertisements when we launch and I am able to generate all of the funds for the game itself through multiple commissions and our group of investors soon to be formed. (yes, we are looking for investors :wink:) This could have other impacts for you outside of the payment, and may allow you to get more recognition by the development community, as we will be giving developers credit and publicity for their created assets, and make sure to give them flexibility over how their creations are used within our games.

Contact Information

Roblox Profile


If you have any questions about my post, my pricing or any other concerns that bother you, please respond to this thread and I will answer anything as soon as I can, and will make any appropriate adjustments to my post.


5-6k in total? You’re asking for 25 items. This price is quite low.


Will investors get paid back their Robux, If so how will we get our Robux back? How will investors know that this is going to be successful? Can you provide images to convince us(Images of the “Diner”)?


As I have previously stated, that is merely the starting price of the project. I have also stated that the amount of items can be decreased. I am not very good with estimating the pricing for modeller commissions, so the price will most likely be increased.

I would consider 10,000 to be my highest offer, however I have seen groups that have probably paid less for a similar amount of items. Quality is what I am looking for at the end of the day, so a price increase is very likely.

The post wasn’t about investors necessarily, but I will answer your questions one by one. I think the questions you have asked are very valid.

Of course they will!
For investments about 5,000 Robux, 20% will be added on top of the Robux they receive back.

10,000 Robux in = 12,000 Robux back, and so on.

Investors will be paid from group funds and the revenues made from the games, but I will also pay back some investors out of my own Robux. Yes, I’m losing Robux in the process IF this is the case, but I would much rather pay them and not be considered as a scammer.

There is a chance of this being successful, most likely if we are able to get good advertisements out that generate a lot of clicks and interest from the community. I plan on adding a large amount of monetisation into this game, such as different areas to be seated within the restaurant, and so on.

We have a Discord server within the making, plus a large document for investors to look through, as well as financial reports weekly and investment progress. We will be communicating effectively with our investors, and posting images of our development progress will help to ease our investors into making the decision to put their own Robux into our group.

Anything else you want me to elaborate on, please reply to my response!

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I am interested in this position, astrovibes#8096.

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