[HIRING] Blackbird Defense Technologies


About Us

We are Blackbird Defense Technologies, responsible for developing defense technologies for all militaries. We are a group of developers that specialize in some form of Military Development. We are designed to be flexible and easy to work with to help you get what you need!

Who Are We Looking For

Blackbird Defense Technologies is hiring for various positions:

  • Board of Directors | Staffing Manager
  • Board of Directors | Public Affairs
  • Board of Directors | Department Manager

Each board member specializes in their own skills. Each board member’s job is designed to help and create the support employees needs. All board members are required to work with one another.


All employees of Blackbird Defense Technologies must adhere to the following requirements:

  • User must be over the age of 16 Years Old.
  • Must have Discord, be in the Roblox group, and be on the Development Forum.
  • User must have previous experience and skills in their chosen role.
  • Been on Roblox for over 2 Years.


At the current moment, all employment at Blackbird Defense Technologies is a volunteer position.


All employees and customers must fill out a contract via Google Forms. Application progress for services and/or employment will not continue further until the contact is filled out.
Terms of Service

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