Hiring Blender Modelers and UV map

Hello Developers!

My name is Tyrone, I am the project leader of an upcoming game!
I am currently hiring modelers and UV Map Specialty!

What is this game About you may ask?

– FFA game Hunt Down your targets for the win and be the last one standing!

For modelers things, we may need are mostly knives, Blades, Axes, etc…
Things For UV maps are basically just textures and more for a wide range of models!


Only R$ for now, NO USD, If you apply for this job you are agreeing to this unless this is changed.
For every set of knives, there will be about 300-700 R$ but in somewhere.

Knifes and Value!

Basic - The first knife everyone gets.
Ordinary - easiest knife to get
Rare - Rare but not :))
Ancient - This is the last knife until the knives that have value.
Outrageous - This knife is the value starter, from 1 - 5k +
Bizarre - anywhere bigger than 5 value +
mythical - anywhere 15 value +


You may do this through Twitter or Discord, The Contact information is below!

Twitter: @LuvTyrone
Discord: LuvTyrone#5691

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

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