HIRING! Builder for a new Starwars Group Game [TGRCA] Battle of Naboo

About Us
Hello there! We are an upcoming small Starwars group! We’re looking for builders who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game. “[TGRCA] Battle of Naboo

The Team
@Vejayta1221 - Founder / Builder
@17JediBen - Co-owner/ Investor
@D_Lexus - Lead Builder
@Starwarsyeeet - Modeler/ Builder
@King_Domination31 - Morph Developer
@antixsoclal - Scripter

Here is what we have done so far. So you can get a feel on our builds.

About The Job
We are looking for an Advanced Builder to help build along with the Lead Builder. We are basing this game off of Starwars Naboo.

Here is an example of what we are looking at.

We expect a very advanced and high-quality builder. That can build every day for at least 2 or more hours a day and that can get things done within time at the highest quality possible.

We are paying Robux, when group funds are available, we will give you them in group funds. Paypal will be an alternative payment but Robux is our main payment. We will need you for the long-term. Meaning you will be getting paid every month. Your payment will depend on how much you do that month ranging from 1500 Robux to -2000.

This will be a summer project. And will be done by the end of this summer. Once the builds are done. We will have our scripters start working.
If you are a Starwars fan or have worked with other Starwars groups. That would be awesome.

Other pictures will be shown to you once you are hired.

Benefits of becoming a developer of our group

  • You will be getting a Custom Morph made by out morph Developer
  • You will be given game passes for free but not all
  • Get to be a member of a very fun community.

Must be 13 years or older to apply. To ensure maturity.
Must have fluent English
Must show screenshots of your work or a portfolio

You can contact me here Vejayta_Entity#1262 on discord!
Please DM me your builds or a portfolio.

Thanks and I hope to work with you soon! :smiley:

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Still hiring for a builder.

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