Hiring [BUILDER] for Game Map | 75,000-200,000R$

BRIEF :alarm_clock:

Hey! We’re looking for a builder to create a social game map layout. The task is estimated to take between 2-4 weeks and payment will range between 75,000-200,000$ (negotiable) depending on how fast you work and your experience.

WHAT YOU WILL DO :hammer_and_pick:

We have a prepared layout of what we’re looking for, although it is mostly just a suggestion. We have specific features which we require integrated into the design.

We’re looking for a bright, fun and simple aesthetic. Part count is important as we’re concerned with mobile performance.

It’s not a large dense map (ie. not a city) , it is more of an island with under a dozen features about it. We want these laid out in a fashion where they stimulate exploration/discovery.

WHAT YOU NEED :scroll:


You need to know how to execute a simple, bright and fun building style.

Part Count

You need to be aware of your part-count and minimize detail for mobile-performance compatibility.


We’d like to see examples of your previous work. We’re looking for evidence of your ability to work on medium-sized builds, and your style.

PAYMENT :money_with_wings:

Payment for completing the map within the mutually agreed deadline will range between 75,000-200,000R$ depending on what we previously agreed on for your speed and skill level.

REACH OUT! :green_heart:

If you qualify for the job listed, can handle the specified deadline and want 75,000-200,000R$, then contact us immediately on Discord @ DefaultKind#6295 .

If you’re still unsure, we can disclose the exact details of the job in a private discussion, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Look forward to working with you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I’m not a builder but I do model. I could by chance make custom assets for the map if you are interested?

Contact me on discord please I will see if I can a job for you

Sent a FR via discord, I’d like to discuss more details there. @Sub#5585 .

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I’ve sent a FR, not quite certain if I will build, but I’ll talk about some details there.

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Hello! I am interested, sent a DM in Discord.

My portfolios:
https://sites.google.com/view/streetrbxl - Website
https://twitter.com/StreetRBLX - Twitter
Streeteenk#8836 - Discord

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I’m interested in this position! I sent you a friend request. (:

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Hello, I have sent you a friend request, accept so I know what am I gonna do.


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