[HIRING] Builder for scenery/stations

The Main Line

About Us

The Main Line is an advanced train simulation game, primarily based off of a UK style map. We are currently looking to expand our building team.

Our Team

@Joshb1910 - Managing Director (Owner)

@Aviation_Joe - Technology Director (Head dev, co owner)

@kermitthefrog37 - Relations Director

@southern_trainsdev - Operations Director

@the_busguy - Network Infrastructure Director

Work so far

What your job entails

Your job would include, but not be limited, to the following:
  • Building scenery around the track
  • Building stations for the trains to stop at
  • General building
  • Ensuring what you build will work with the scripting mechanisms used


For the time being, there will be no payment. HOWEVER, around August - September we will hopefully apply to be on RoTank to recieve some funding. You will be paid an amount then and will continue to recieve a percentage of funds raised.

Get in touch

To get in touch, DM me on Discoard (joeb#7389) or Twitter (@joebiondani

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