Hiring Builder to create 5-7 maps and an interactive lobby


About Us

Hi there! I’m the sole developer of Prop Pursuit, a game based off of GMod’s Prop Hunt that released yesterday (1st September).

Flamingo recently made a video on the game if you want to watch a video of the game!

About The Job

The one thing that is crituqed most about the game are the maps and lobby. They’re too small, bland and restrictive unlike Blox Hunt’s; the current most popular Prop Hunt game on Roblox to-date.

I’m looking for 5-7 maps. Some of the maps can be the same concept as those already in the game (Highschool, Hospital, Construction Site and Prison) but remade to be better.

I am also looking for a new lobby. It must feature some sort of obstacle course to keep users entertained while in the lobby.

The maps are expected to be high quality and follow the general style in the game. Good communication skills are required and I check progress every 2 days.

Example of our game's build style

You must make the Props for each map and each Prop must be a single mesh (no unions).

There is no set date for when these need to be done apart from sooner, the better.


I am paying 30% of Prop Pursuits revenue every 28 days from the date all the work is put into the game.

Contact Me

You can contact me via Discord (Kymaraaa#3972), on the DevForums or down below. Please include a portfolio or examples of your work when you contact me.

Thanks! Have a great day.


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Added you on Discord, coleifornia#4530. Interested in this if the position is still available! :thumbsup:

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I have a few questions regarding this Building opportunity:

When you state “all”, what if you only choose to put a couple of maps in the game and not “all” of them.

Surely it would make sense that as soon as all the maps are completed you are obliged to pay.

You’ve also chosen to only give 30% every 28 days, it’s better practice to give a recurring payout of 30%. This way it’s automatic and you don’t constantly have to remember. (you have no other games under that group so it shouldn’t be a problem).

I will be putting them all in the game at once - I should of specified in the post. Apologies.

I will be working on another game while the maps are in development - as there is no specific due date for the maps the game I’m currently working on could potentially be released before.

The position has been filled - thank you everyone for applying.

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