I am looking for a skilled low poly builders that can help make this game.
The game is a Simulator Project
I want the developers to try so this game can attract the attention of children and older ones.
I will tell the concept of this game if you are interested in working :slight_smile:

##Types of Developers im looking for


sorry i cannot pay with Robux or USD,i can offer 50% of group,if game dosent go well
i can pay around 40-50k

##Contact me
Discord :EnqryptedAPI#0837


As much as 50% is, most builders will also be looking for a payment of some sort of stated robux along with some percentage as a bonus as most people don’t trust having percent payments due to not knowing if the game will go well.

I recommend getting a steady payment for the builder(s) whenever possible to help.
(Not saying that this is a bad idea or anything, but I really recommend getting a payment with robux or USD at one point.)

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i can give a steady amount around 50k ,from my investor

You should state this above then to not confuse anyone, unless you didn’t mean a percentage


Just sent you a friend request on Discord.

Sent you a friend rquest on discord, extremely interested.

@TheMurdererKO and @dingbat567 what are both of your discord names,i accpted your requests bout forget your usernames
Just dm me with a message!

Mine is @Black and White#1599
I’m really interested.

I am interested although I can’t find you on discord.


Nevermind I sent it.


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