Hiring Builders! 66,000+ members

Hi there! I’m making this post on behalf of my friend, Ceyphere who is the Founder/Owner of mega-franchise, Jamie’s. Jamie’s is the largest, most successful French cuisine restaurant on roblox, with currently over 66K members, and constantly expanding.

We are looking for someone to construct us a new restaurant (either small or medium). We are being open-minded at the moment, and considering both options: low-poly and medium-poly. We’re essentially looking for a semi realistic, French themed restaurant with a neutral scheme. You will only be expected to design the map, the build itself, and some small additional models like tables and chairs. We already have our food models, and other essentials made.

  • You must have experience developing restaurants

  • You must be able to complete the build within a reasonable time frame

  • You must show examples of your previous work

  • You must be communicative and reliable

  • You must have a good standing in the Roblox development community

  • Payment is negotiable, however is not a problem on our behalf as long as your prices are reasonable for the quality of work you can produce, and the time frame you’re able to work in

  • You will be given the ‘Development Team’ role on the Jamie’s Restaurant Franchise group

  • You will be invited to work on future projects with Jamie’s

Group link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3512825/Jamies-Restaurant-Franchise#!/about

Contact me through external communications if this opportunity interests you.

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