Hiring builders and programmers (% revenue)

About Me

Hi I’m Xuefei. I have previously been through like 3-5 scripters and builders respectively and they’ve all had to quit for various reasons, so I’m resorting to a forum post to try and hire some developers!

All of my previous projects have been successful and profitable.

The Team
@xuefei123 - Project lead
@Codite - UI and GFX
Scripter - required
Builder - required (maps and assets)

We will be working on brand new games.

About The Job

I’m looking for experienced developers who can spend a decent amount of time working on a game. You must have good communication skills and don’t decide to ghost people if there is an issue.

The games will mostly be simulators.


Paying in %

Builder - 25%
Scripter - 30%

These are negotiable

Contact Us

Please contact me on the following:

Discord: xuefei123#1234
Here on the devforums

(If you use discord to contact me, please send me a DM rather than just an FR as I will most likely ignore an FR)


And… What exactly is the game idea?

That would be discussed in DMS.

I find an interest in building maps and assets for your brand new games, but if it is discussed privately in our DMs, would I be still be given the option to back out?

Yes. But highly appreciated if you didn’t share or steal the ideas discussed.

I understand. I’ll contact you on Discord to discuss about it.

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Xuefei is a pretty fun person, every time i hop on one of his games I always see people enjoying the games.

Wish I was available right now so i can snag this job :joy:

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And what exactly are you doing? I don’t want to come off as harsh but it seems you’re hiring people to do all the work for you and aren’t contributing as much as the people you are hiring.

Your title gives very little information on your role.

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Im not a developer on this project, but knowing xuefei, he takes up the brunt of the work through programming, modelling and building (at times), and planning out the framework of the game. He’s shown a lot of leadership in his past roles on previous games, so I can fully vouch for him. I’d rate his programming skills at 8/10, he’s very experienced and I dont know a thing he can’t code. Very innovative at that too. In this particular project, I hypothesize that he’ll be co-working with the future programmer on programming the game, and overlooking the team as a leader.

Huge job security for anyone applying, so good luck to those interested!

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