About Us

Hello! I am AugustusArrius, Head Developer for Project: Sharingan. We are currently looking for builders to create our new map.

The Team
CaerelliusVictricius aka. Raiden - Owner
Deathly- Co-Owner
(Your)AugustusArrius - Head Developer

its_yayahere - Scripter
Yami - Scripter
Sat - Scripter
Gato - Animator

You can see our current game here: Project: Sharingan - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for professional builders to create the villages of Project: Sharingan, as well as the map around them. You may either be assigned to work with the rest of the team or work alone, either is fine.

Builds should be detailed, yet simplistic in that they are not too busy on the eyes or overly laggy. Many will have interiors, though some on the outskirts will not.

Our game is planned to release within the month. The completion time of assignments will depend on said assignment.


Though payment is highly flexible, we are looking to pay 2-5k R$ (Robux) to each developer upon the completion of the game. Sadly, USD cannot be paid.

Contact Us

Please contact us on Discord unless it is absolutely necessary to contact us on the devfourm.


(If I don’t accept for whatever reason, I have DMs on for Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out)

Discord is required for this job.

you pay too low

Payment is highly flexible, and may be changed through negotiation.

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