[HIRING] Builder('s) who know how to build using Roblox Material, so no Low-Poly stuff

Hi! For a game i’m working on, i’m looking for Developer who are skilled builders.

--What does the job require--
  • You are experienced with building in Studio, and no Blender of other 3D-Model stuff.
  • You are currently not studying/got lot’s of free time.
  • Speak English or Dutch.
  • Life between timezone GMT-1 and +4
  • +/- 16 years or older *1
    *1 My experience with younger builders is that they quit real quick…


--What can i expect as a builder?--
  • You’ll be building medium (30x30) to large (200x200) buildings or even whole maps.
  • Building a map may offer a payment of between R$1500,- and R$5000,-
  • Your so experience you shoudn’t need lot’s of examples of very much feedback to know if a map/build is good or not.
  • You have the feeling for building.
  • Payment will be done through Groupfunds. I don’t pay x R$ to builders who are new to me (Due scamming)
  • In the future i might need up to 10 new maps to be build. But for now, only 1.
  • I might hire multiple builders

A few example image’s of the work i like.


Image above is a Barnhouse

Image above is a Barnhouse

Image above is a Barnhouse

Image above is a Barnhouse

Image above is a Fire-Emergency Center

Image above is a Fire Emergency-Center & Local Store

Image above is the front of the Local Store

Image above is the interior of the Local Store Above

Image above is a ceilinglight

Image above is the interior of the Fire Emergency-Center

Image above is a side view of a Car-dealership i’ve made

Image above is the bottom-interior view of the Car-Dealer (No floor)

Image above is a side-downtilted view of the roof of the Car-Dealership

So, do you think you meet my requirements? Don’t hestitate me to contact me through the DevForum, and sent you portfolio.

Do you speak Dutch? It would be a pleasure if you’d speak Dutch with me. Beside, if you are, i’d like to have a Discord-call with you before hiring.

I know the last 3 pics of the Car-Dealership aren’t using Materials, but it’s for showing the type of details i’d like :slight_smile:


This is my most recent thing. But I have a lot more on the channel if you’re interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIDFdPy6tHE

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Hi! can i help ya? im an experienced builder :smiley:

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Come Check me out 4wku | Programmer & Builder

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I am very interested! Please are me on roblox and discord SignsDev7382! Thanks!

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