[HIRING] Car Developers

I currently have a game called the City of Roxton. I have some car models already, however they aren’t scripted and don’t yet have a UI.

  • UI:

    • I need a UI which the driver of the car will get when they sit in their car
    • Must include the basics like the fuel level, handbrake sign, two indicator signs (an arrow pointing left and an arrow pointing right), the current gear the car is in, and any other things a basic car UI must have
  • Scripting:

    • The UI for the car must come up when a person sits in the driver’s seat
    • The blinkers must work (when you press Q, the left blinker flashes on the car and on the UI; when you press E, the right blinker flashes on the car and on the UI). Preferably with a blinker sound too.
    • A basic gear system that makes the car actually move.
    • A parking brake system (when you press P, the parking brake color goes to green on the UI and the car stops like you put the hand brake on in real life).Preferably with a handbrake sound too.
    • The UI must display how fast the car is going
    • There needs to be some sort of desync system or some kind of way for law enforcement vehicles to disable the car
    • If it will make the price lower, I can script the fuel system if needed
  • Payment can be discussed in DMs.

  • My Discord username is Coderholic#4750

  • Click here for the main Discord server

  • Click here for the main post

Hi, I can do the UI. I am busy right now.

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What is your Discord username?

Dm me at ItWasANewWorld#7878 or here on the dev forum, if you want.

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Logimite#1015 is my discord username

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