(Hiring closed) Music Composer/producer

About Me

Hello! I am a 16 years old music composer/producer. I’m still a beginner so my skills aren’t so good. Like I’ve been composing music only for over 2 years for now. The DAW I use is Fl Studio. Especially I like to compose sad music. I usually compose/produce EDM and orchestral music.

My music

You can listen some music I’ve made here:

I will add more soon…


I am available for two to twelve hours of work on the week. I’m kinda unmotivated at the moment and busy with developing one game so it may take from one week to 4 months to make the track done… But also, you can contact me any time.


Well… As I said I am still beginner so at least now I can compose music for free. Because it is really cool to get own music into a game. But I won’t work forever for free.


You can contact me on discord (EWORT#5461) or just here.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:


Very interested, I added you, RTC#3718

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This is pretty good. I’ll commission you sometime soon!

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I added you Sabroso bajo#9999 my tag,can you compose music for mha game.

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Very nice music, I’ve added you on Discord (Merilaux#3355)

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Amazing work! I added you, my tag is RobloxDev#6474

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Your work is very good! I added you on Discord. My tag is Fizzics#2924

Very good work I am added you on discord お» DEVELOPER#9330

This is a very good composer I recommend, he does her job properly. :slightly_smiling_face: