Hiring Clothing Designers [FULL]

About The Job

I am looking to hire designers to create clothing for my fan group. I would need designers to create ORIGINAL clothing based on pre-existing irl clothing. Payment would be upfront, first by gamepass/shirt and then through the group after the two-week waiting period.

The Team
@Toasxyt - Group Owner
@Naruxinfinity - Community manager
@Thomaswoodentrains- Community manager
@filled - Clothing Designer #1
@filled - Clothing Designer #2
@filled- Clothing Designer #3


We are willing to pay YOUR rates as long as they are reasonable for your work. We are paying upfront per design or monthly for a set amount of designs.

Contact Us

Please contact me (Toastxyt) on the developer forum to apply. Please include copies of your original clothing - with a watermark of course (along with images of the layers) to ensure everything is 100% original. Please also include your rates!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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