(HIRING) Clothing Designers needed!

Hi! My name its Turtle AKA TurtleDeveloping.

Today im trying to start a big Group of Clothing, With adds, And Original Stuff like a Place to buy Clothing. I got everything done Except the Clothing.

Im trying to hire a Clothing Designer who is Available to make a lot of Clothing, Theres no Deadline. Payment will be a 30% of Each Sale, Wich Considering it,We will sell a lot of Stuff. Ponetially 40%.

Dm me here or in Discord, Turtle#0362.

Thanks for reading this! If you need more Information tell me down Below, Ill add more if needed (Its recommended to contact me to get more Information.)


I can help you just for 10%. If you want. I am your friend on discord so you can contact me. :slight_smile:

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