Hiring Clothing Developers


Part-time to full-time clothing developer

About Us

Barbie Kingdom is one of the most top selling clothing groups of 2019, generating 1,400,000 sales and over 11,000 members. Barbie Kingdom is slowly getting too large to be run by a solo clothing artist, thus we are recruiting a fresh team of clothing developers, offering an opportunity that no one else will.

The Team
@BarbieBankz- Founder “Queen Barbie”/CEO
@noxyra - Part-time clothing artist, founder of ease
@SEANSCORRUPTEDMIND - Upcoming clothing artist.

About The Job

We are hiring 5 new designers to join the team, you must have experience with making female clothing, you must as well be versatile with different textures, materials, etc. We don’t care for whom you previously worked with or if you had a rough upbringing/background, we believe in starting fresh at Barbie Kingdom and offering you an opportunity others won’t. You can apply for either role:

I have a clothing equity program where if you do your research and produce a great seller, unlike other clothing groups, I will give you equity on it for the efforts. My top clothing developer made easily 100,000 robux in the equity program.

Part-time clothing developer: 350 robux per template, expected to upload at least 3x a week.
Full-time clothing developer: 500 robux per template, expected to upload at least 10x a week.
Christmas collection developer (one position left only): 20% in profit shares amongst Christmas clothing sales, could range from tens of thousands of robux to hundreds of thousands of robux, depending on the popularity of the item you upload.
Group recruiter: Responsible for finding internship clothing developers, 1,500 robux a week.
Intern clothing designer: Are you new to clothing designing? Great! You can practice your skills and get paid for it, you will get offered a base pay of 150 robux per upload. When your skills improve, you will be promoted.


Payment is made in robux, payment varies on the role you apply for.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord or developer forums.
Discord tag: barbie#9637


Hey! Sent you a FR - Jeraemiel :slight_smile:

Hello, I am interested in the position Group recruiter, I have sent you a friend request on discord that way we can communicate. My discord is Lua#6969.

Sent a friend request!

Hey I am interested my discord is Developer#8173

Hi there! I’m interested in interning, and have sent a friend request on discord - Dan_XD1#6964

Are y’all still looking for people to hire? Haven’t heard any updates.

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