[HIRING] Combine, Looking for talented developers

About Us

We’re the Combine Development Crew, looking for possible devs. We’re an upcoming Combine group looking for talented developers. Our goal is to provide a serious, professional, and laid back environment for our developers. We will be creating a Combine group from scratch and I expect everyone involved to be equally involved.

The Team
@ScoutProduction- Head Developer
OPEN - Framework Scripter
OPEN - UI Motion Scripter
OPEN - Scripter
OPEN - Builder

About The Job

We’re looking for passionate developers on the job. All assets for the building are already provided, you just need to put them together to create a city. Scripters need to be dedicated to the job and finish tasks swiftly with great precision.

This game will be used as the main place for the Combine group.


We are paying USD per task on commission. We pay fair and are up to negotiations.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on Discord: Scout#2552

Thank you,


I can help build or script.

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Hello, I would like to apply for the scripter position.

Send me a DM on discord, @Scout#2552

I did at Dev#4731 (30 characters)

Please dm me @Clxzed#8551

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Send me a DM on Discord, @Scout#2552

Please dm me as I can’t find your profile on discord.


What’s your Discord ?
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Is there a way you can pay on robux?

Interested in the scripter position, added you on Discord. Rezault#5867

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