[HIRING] Complex 79 is searching for Builders!

Complex 79 Is Searching For Builders!

[+] About Us
We are a upcoming development team focused on a new S.C.P Lore game Complex 79. We want to make this site to earn funds for a new site I have in mind right now we don’t have a lot of robux on our wallets so we are searching for ways to pay developers and buy advertisements.
The team was created by me and right now is really really small :sob: !
We want to hire some builders for Complex 79 we want a small site with the following areas!

Sector 1
Spawn for all SCP:F Teams + O5 Office’s and multiple science labs AND THE MAIN GATE!
Sector 2
The CDC + Nuclear Shelter also the Staff Break Room. We also want some safe SCP spots such as 999 and so on.
Sector 3
Are for multiple dangerous SCP’s or just anomalys that aren’t able to be on Sector 2 + Sector 1. Also checkpoints for MTF and multiple Epsilon divisions spawns.
Redacted Area
Closed area for the IA to add their interrogation rooms and some secrets the O5 Council and The Adminstrator holds…

[+] How we want it done
We want some simple concrete walls and no textures Roblox ones are perfect (The Concrete ones and metal)
If you can we would like for you to add some models if not then I’ll make sure to make models
We want you to do some lightings touch and try to make it as best as you can this build is really important for us!
More information will be given if you pass the interview

[+] Payment
We do not have enough funds for us to give robux up front but you can see the community and see that you can trust us. The payment is 20% for the first 8 Months of the game think that I’m going to run a lot of advertisements and the game will have a lot of gamepasses so we are talking about a big quantity that’s why I want it to be perfect. If you do not trust us I can show you some work we’ve done on scripting so you can see we are a friendly community and don’t want to scam you! :happy3:

[+] Contact
You can contact me through discord, my username is LemonFellow#0001, I’ll interview you and see if you are experienced enough to do the job also I’ll show you some of the work and the community we have!
We need you to know to communicate, post teasers each week or each 2 weeks and keep us updated on the building.


The Administrator

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