Hiring Developers – The Babylon Hotel

Good morning. Hiring 2 scripters and a 3D Modeler.

About The Babylon Hotel

Started about one year ago, The Babylon started as a side project intended to be used as a showcase. Today it is my full intention to run the Babylon as an All-In-One Resort. Everything you need will be in one building; Arcade, Hangout, Trade, Entertainment. Imagine all of Roblox’s most popular games combined into one game. This project is not for everyone, Please advanced programmers and builders please. Late December release. This game is intended to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether it be the architecture of the building itself or the fun atmosphere.

2 Programmers
Senior Programmer - 20% Share
Senior Programmer - 20% Share


  • Advanced knowledge of Lua.
  • Expert in part manipulation.
  • 1 Year of experience. (Proof) :see_no_evil:
  • 3 Years on Roblox platform.


  • Fully functioning elevator, Minimal lag.
  • Arcade (Machines tele players to other games)
  • Creating a fun atmosphere.
  • Key card system for doors.
  • Nightclub (Music, Lights, etc.)
  • Ambient Lighting for the entire hotel. (Using point, spot, and surface lights)
  • Most importantly: A legitimate desire to fulfil your role in the project.

Builder/3D Modeler
Senior Modeler - 25% Share


  • 1 year of 3D Modeling experience in Blender, Autodesk, or C4D (Or Equivalent)
  • 3 Years of building on Roblox platform.


  • Providing ready-to-go furniture that suits and compliments the style and architecture of the hotel.
  • Reducing poly’s of models created in Roblox Studio.
  • Reducing poly’s of models created in 3rd party software.
  • Delivering projects on time.

About Me
i build. and draw.

Let’s make this happen.

Message only:

  1. Position applying for.
  2. Please don’t apply if you do not meet the requirements!
  3. Subject for applying: “DevBabylon”
  4. Link to 3 of your works.

Subject for questions: “Question Babylon”

Seems like a very ambitious project. Games meant to be enjoyed by everyone are publisher’s fever dreams, but they never reallly turn out well.

“Imagine all of Roblox’s most popular games combined into one game.” :eyes:

They don’t know where to start. Im thinking the Babylon will more of a hub, a virtual plaza of sorts. Branches out to other genres.

I’d wager that they probably have a better idea than you. I don’t mean that to be rude, even if it comes off as INCREDIBLY rude lol. Professionals with millions of dollars and hundreds of programmers, designers and artists probably have a better idea than you, someone from what I can tell doesn’t even have 10k visits to his name (sorry if that’s not true!!)

I don’t think there has actually ever been a serious attempt to make a game everyone will like. A good example of a game that tried to appeal to too many types people and be too many different types of game is Destiny, and because of the MASSIVE scope of it and what it tried to achieve, it became such a meh game, being a jack of all traits, basically a chewing gum of a game.

You won’t create games with the depth of jailbreak, and phantom forces, and lumber tycoon all in one game, and you won’t create any by Late December.

However, if you’re going down the minigames route, that could work. Just don’t try and appeal to everyone. Meepcity and the Plaza are probably your main competition, both of which set very high bars in specific areas (Meep city is a marketing god for a example). Just don’t expect to complete it by Late December when you don’t even have a team yet.

You’re thinking too deeply into this. All I am doing is plugging other’s game into mine. There will be a room with an arcade in the hotel that teleports you to other games. A hub. Im not literally putting all the games on roblox and putting it into a blender. All im doing keeping the genre neutral. For example: Even if you don’t like role-playing, you can still enjoy the trade lounge. And if I don’t get a team, That is fine; I will do everything myself like I have been doing since the beginning of the project. I do appreciate your criticism, I take other’s ideas very seriously.

I’m sure most people would rather just click on the game they want instead of going to your hub first. Assume people do go to your hub, most of them will leave again to go the games they want to play - there is little reason to stay.

You could argue that the hub is also to “hangout”. I just did a quick scan read of the front page and there aren’t any games (or nothing with sizable concurrent players) that are for “hanging out”. This shows that the key reason (hanging out) to stay at your hub isn’t something people do. Players would rather be playing with or without their friends. This same reasoning goes to the idea of “trade lounges”. So essentially. there is very little reason to stay the hub since most players want to be playing something rather than hanging out or trading. The rest of the players will be leaving to play other games since it’s a hub.

There is little you can do for monetization since there is not much to do in the hub. Remember this is assuming people even come to your place. I doubt people would visit/come back to this hub because why should they come here if they can simply click on the game they want to play on the website. Not to mention that these games that people can teleport to from your hub WILL not offer a “return trip” back to the hub - meaning that people might as well just click the next game they want to play from the games page instead of from your hub.

Basically, in my opinion, your game idea is a bit flawed.

PS: Also, suggesting a sum for upfront pay in an addition to the percentage pay will make your offer more attractive.

Sorry, just to clarify will it TP everyone to a different game? Like I join Babylon and it’d TP me to Jailbreak?

Billy_Dodo, I don’t want to get too in depth with this. Humans naturally like middlemen. In the times of the Ancient romans. Forums would be the centerpieces of the entire city. A forum would consist of the governmental capitol, markets, public baths, libraries, theatre, and entertainment. So if anything, The Babylon emulates an ancient Forum. The reason these “hangouts” aren’t popular on Roblox is because everyone is dumb and they haven’t done it right. To put into perspective, I’m sort following the business model of a mall. Different kinds of shops for different people, food courts, entertainment. Right now, games on roblox are scattered around just like shops would be scattered around if malls didn’t exist. There’s a lot of wiggle room for monetization you’re just not seeing it.

It can, But Im probably not going to put front page games in the arcade.

As a fairly experienced scripter, I can say that you’ll probably be looking for someone with a tad more than 1 year of experience. I’d go upwards of 2 and a half years.


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homeboy, moving parts from point a to point b.

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