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I’m working on a usual city game, and looking for additional devoted devs to complete the job. I will be working on most of the builds but I have no experience in scripting. The scripts I will need are the following, Gun Scripts, Purchase Scripts, Car Scripts. I don’t expect the game to have the best quality like realistic cars. + GUI Designer


(1) Builder

(2) Scripters

(1) Gui Designer

Contact: Add me Anar270

If you would like to use discord please add me first.


USD Paypal



What is “reasonable price” This is a throw off, please state the price.


It means how much you charge and what we can work out. I’m obviously not paying 20 robux.

Changed it up, USD PAYPAL. No robux.

I will apply for building. You can contact me on Discord and we can talk there in more detail.
Discord : Azxcite#0770

Do you have a portfolio or anything to show?

I got some pictures of my recent builds, i can show you that. Add me on discord and ill send you the pics.
Discord : Azxcite#0770

You should state the price you are hiring for. If its a good offer then you are gonna get more people. Otherwise your just making devs waste their time contacting you just to be turned off by the payment.


Hello, I’d like to contact you on Discord, I can do both GUI Designing and Building. My username on Discord is chips#2979

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