Hiring developers for an fps game

hello im pierce! im looking to make an fps game called “assault”.
im mainly looking for a:
scripter, builder, and modeler.

i take care of the animations and music. (the music is made by me)

requirements: your 13+ you have discord and your roblox account is atleast 1 year old.

additional notes: the project is more for fun however any profits made will be split evenly.

i am not looking for lazy developers who dont work if your not able to work atleast 3 to 4 times a week this is not for you.

you are aloud to work on your on solo projects ect as long as your are helping us.

more info on the game:
the game is going to have muiltiple unique gamemodes and some more casual gamemodes.

list of gamemodes:
control points
king of the hill
(this is not final modes can be removed or added)

the game would also have some kind of carrer mode (probaly with prestige).
giving certain cosmetics new weapons and access to special features (like high rank only servers ect).

how to contact me:

discord: pierce#0412 (this is the best way to contact me)

message me via roblox Profile - Roblox (i do check it but you have a better chance if you use discord)

if your interested in being a moderator instead you may also dm me on discord (i only do moderator application on discord).



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