Hiring developers for bakery themed group [5K-10K ROBUX] [CLOSED]

Group has 60+ members, and is growing quickly, we are recruiting sessions everyday!


Job Description

We’re looking for a low-poly style builder to build us a bakery/cafe, it has to be small, more will be told when you contact me. I am builder myself, I might be able to help time to time.

Experience in building bakery/cafes for business groups.
Discord account for communication.
Have lots of patience.

Decent amount of communication.
Decent time management.


Payment will be decided upon further communication with the chosen candidate. We really don’t know how much to price this job for but we’re thinking 5k-10k ROBUX We currently have no funds, but we are able to pay you bit by bit.

Contact Information

My discord is fuller house 2020#9940 . Please send me a PM on DevForum, that includes your discord username and tag, if you have messaged me or added me.



Hello, How are you? I’m interested for travel in your Group. Can you send friend request, My name is Grenouille # 0604

Hello, i’m Alehandro and im interested on help if u need Uis to you game, like guis and etc.


hello i am a scripter i want to work for you my discord is nickstervs#5332

You seem to not be accepting discord friend requests. Message me at Melz#1313

Hi, I am interested! Added from zack.#4717

Accepted! Once you get online DM me.

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Sent you friend request! :grinning:

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Sent you a friend request, accept it! :smiley:

Sent you a friend request! Accept it. :hugs:

Hello! Me and 2 other builders are interested but your friend requests are off! Friend me, hadeel#4473

Hello, I have sent you a friend request! :grin:

Is the builder required to script as well?

Hey there my discord is Ciara#6759 dm me back.

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I am interested to be a scripter in your thriving group. I added you on discord.

5-10k is low for a project of this size.

I will consider 25k after tax.

ollie#5794 for examples as portfolio needs updating

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