[HIRING] Developers for Imprésso!

Imprésso Hiring!!

We are looking for developers. If you would like to apply please fill out this application below.

Spots available:

  • UI Designers
  • Scripters
  • Builders
  • Modelers
  • Graphics

Application Format:

  • Roblox Username:
  • What development spot:
  • Why would you like this job:
  • How will you benefit Imprésso:
  • Proof of builds (NOTE: Must be made by you!!):
  • Any other questions for us:

NOTE: I do not own this group I am a developer for them. This is also a free spot as a developer until we start growing.

Please message @V1uk or join the communication server located under here at “Social Links”.


What’s the payment and what exactly are we doing for each position?


I can be a builder, but why u need volunteers to join this project???

I may be interested to script for you, but what is the payment?

Well this is a free job as of right now. This is only until we grow some more.

Thank you for showing them that.

It’s not a job if you aren’t paying.

The group that this post is associated to has very little members or traction. and for that reason offers almost nothing…

You as well as the group’s owner are in a lot of other cafe groups/clothing groups/ other groups like that as “management” or “owners”, but none of them are remotely successful.

With all that in mind, what do you plan on paying someone (as you are hiring), and how can people be sure you are trustworthy considering these other factors


You know if you don’t want the job then don’t but don’t send hate or complain please. Talk to the owner.

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He does bring up a legitimate concern that should be voiced, and since you are the one handling this hiring, and claim to be the developer, it is only natural that we voice our concerns to you directly, or on a forum where others can hear the response. With that being said, let me explain something.

One thing you fail to grasp here is that we, as developers looking for work, want to be secure in that employment. We don’t want to have to worry that the group will go under, or you’ll get bored and move on, or any number of scenarios where we don’t get paid. Based on your profile and current activities, plus the fact you mention we are doing this as volunteer work makes this about as unsafe an offer as can be. Developers want to be paid, not given a pat on the back. If you cannot offer any guarantee of payment, with your current situation as outlined in @Pavalineox response, then you should expect these kinds of comments.

Please either fix these concerns or accept the complaints as legitimate, but do not tell people to keep quiet over them.


The lack of clarification is a large concern to me and any other interested developers. Considering the genre, which is extremely saturated, this amplifies it even more. People who genuinely want to work for you and don’t just want to rip you off will typically consider legitimate factors such as this, in my opinion.

Regardless, best of luck with your hiring.

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You are never going to get free work on this platform. Every developers work is not worth nothing but worth much more because they are putting their life and time into it.


Well I accept what happens I don’t even get paid this is not all about being paid it is having fun like I said on the post you will be getting paid when we grow. So this means it’s not gonna be volunteer forever.

But the issue is there is no guarantee of that. Your project could fail ultimately. That’s what we’re trying to say. You must offer some guarantee of payment or evidence of previous success to create credibility.


Like I said when we “grow you will receive pay” so never said you may not get offered we will stay pay somehow.

My friend, there isn’t a guarantee that you will grow. You’re not promising anything here, only hypotheticals. You don’t know your group will grow. You can’t base payment off of that.

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It’s not really hate, we just want to make sure we have a secure job.

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