Hiring Developers for my Creamery [OPEN]

Hiring Developers for my Creamery

About Us

Hello there, I’m cxlqx, the Founder and President of Cold Slab Creamery. Cold Slab Creamery is a Online Role-play Game where we people can be accepted, have fun, and be safe. We love to interact with our community, spreading love and joy to all. We strive in building fun games, and creating a environment everyone can feel comfortable and safe in.

The Team
@username - Builder
@username - Scripter
@username - UI Designer
@username - Modeler

I’ve had a couple people DM me, thought this doesn’t mean that any of these jobs are closed because we are still reviewing their portfolios.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builders who are serious and willing to put in the time and effort to get our game finished. We require good teamwork from all of our developers, making it that this project can be finished in the most efficient way possible. Arguing is strictly prohibited and failing to abide by our terms after agreeing with them will result in removal from the game development project.

An Idea of our style:
This has recently been deleted do to the fact that the owner of one of the cafes that we used in our photos, didn’t like that we didn’t ask permission to use it. We totally respect this, it was totally our fault for not asking for permission.


10% - Builder
10% - Modeler
10% - Scripter
10% - UI Designer

We will pay in robux via group funds.

Among our Executive team, if we decide that we do not enjoy the results, or the group proceeds to fail, we will not be paying the amount in full. Instead, we will be paying a small back-up commission.

Contact Us

How to contact us? Simply join the communications sever, or feel to DM mytul, The Vice President.
His tag: klaxo#3682

Or, feel free to DM me.
My tag: connor#0293. Both our DMs are on!

signed by cxlqx, the President and Head of Community management team

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