[Hiring] Developers needed for Downtown Robloxia


Downtown Robloxia
Downtown Robloxia is a urban city. It has fine cuisine and magnificent clothing options. In Downtown Robloxia you can be a Police, Firefighter, Business Owner, or just a civilian!!!

Who are we hiring
We are hiring all types of people!!! You can look below to see the current positions open and the payment.

Music Composer - 20%
Modeler - 20%
Youtuber - 10%

If you become any of the above positions you get the following perks:

~ 50,000 :dollar: (In-game)
~VIP Admin (Adonis)
~Creator Role in Innovation Developer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Will you always be hiring?
A: Sadly when all the positions are filled we will not hire anyone else.

Q: Can you guarantee profit?
A: We cannot, but we are spending a couple thousand on ads.

Q: Do you think devs will become famous?
A: We would recommend them to big developers like NTG1D.

Q: Are you looking for any other people?
A: Not really. It mostly depends what your profession is though.

Edit: You would be developing V2 of Downtown Robloxia. V1 wasn’t very nice, but if you want to see if you have a chance make something better then this:image image image

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When looking to hire people, I recommend offering a form a payment that is worth a real world value, such as USD or Robux. A percent does not guarantee payment and hinders on the games success and not on the amount of work that the developer in the position did, which means that there is a strong chance they will not be getting payed what they deserve. I do suggest that you offer a form of payment besides percentages such as Robux or USD, as that will result in you getting more offers from developers of talent.


It seems that your new thread has relatively the same shortcomings as your last thread. It would be nice if those issues could be fixed before pursuit of a secondary thread regarding this game.

I feel that you should throw in a little more effort regarding your game’s description to make it captivating in a way. There’s nothing really enticing to seek with a generic summary of the game, which equates to a simple Roblox City RP. What makes your offer approachable or good?

For monetary concerns, it seems you’re throwing money at the wrong people and being fairly vague about payment. This is not good for a recruitment offer, which is supposed to spark interest in your project and thus bring developers on board.

  • Music Composers should not be earning a percentage of your revenue, because they aren’t actively maintaining your game. Especially not 20%, if you give them a percentage of earnings anyway. A single audio track should be paid up front and in full value.
  • YouTubers should not be earning a percent of your game’s earnings, period. They are not developers nor do they have a reason to be given money. This is equivalent to throwing out free money for individuals who haven’t worked on your game.
  • Percentages are not easy grabs for offers when you don’t make known the amount of profit you’re currently making. 20% can mean anything: a percentage of 1000, 50 000, 600 000 or however much Robux you have. This especially makes me worried when it’s been mentioned in the FAQ that you can’t guarantee profit. If you aren’t sure if you’ll have the Robux to pay in full for everything you’ve received, rethink your marketing and employment model. Compensation should be prepared for a flopped game if you go through with it.

As for your FAQ, you mentioned something about “referring developers”. I have no clue who the person you mentioned is, nor do I think such recommendations are necessary. Most developers here already are taking contracts from various individuals in and around. What kind of benefit does your “recommendation” have? Do you even have direct contact with the person?

Please do take time to flesh out your offer, assess your current resources and make a comeback. I don’t believe that this offer, as it so stands, is very attractive to any developers right now.

It is crucial that when creating recruitment posts, you understand the materials you have and what you can offer to developers in reasonable quantity. There isn’t much you’ll attain from obscure percentages, in-game perks or things that you can’t guarantee. On the flip side, you should not be throwing around money easily. If your game flops, you’ll have lost more money than you earned. Think wisely about how you wish to pursue the development of your game.


Thank you for your helpful reply. I’ll think about the percentages and edit the post a bit. I would recommend the person if they did a good job. I do have direct contact with many developers and NTG1D was only one of them. I am thinking about paying upfront and I might do it.


You should raise the percentage for your developers. As they will be the ones working on the game and you will just be the project manager. I would give out 90% and keep the 10%. Giving out 50% of the revenue and keeping the other 50% is bad, it shows to me that all you mainly care is Robux for yourself. YouTubers shouldn’t be a job. Good luck with your development.


This can still result in a loss for your game. If you did make a loss how would you pay your developers for their efforts?

I don’t understand what you mean by this…or how it’s relevant to your thread.


I will compose music for a flat rate:


I am not taking that much. Just I have already hired half of the team including a GFX Designer, Builder, and Programmer.


I said we cannot guarantee profit. It is risky although I have made 70R$ for a game I spent 50R$ on sponsors/ads.


Looking further into the current looks of the builds, this doesn’t give myself or other developers a good first impression, this results in the question; “Is this even good to profit to make my job worth it”.


Well those were older pictures. V1 was way nicer until I destroyed it.


Where is the payment?


I don’t see 50k$ ingame as payment. No developer would want to work in this manner.

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50K$ in-game currency is a perk for accepting the job, not the primary method of payment. The payment is offered as a percentage above the perks statement.

Perks =/= Payment


I can compose music, here’s my portfolio:
Also we can discuss the rates via PM if you’d like

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We threw in a percentage and also are spending a couple thousand robux on ads.


A couple of thousand Robux on ads won’t get your game any retention, nor much attention, due to the sheer amount of other ads with more bidding, therefore getting more visits than your game.

This article will help give you a good understanding of advertisements:

I would highly suggest you have a large budget for ads, and put part of your revenues towards more advertisements, or work on your game for a few good months and try to find investors within the community.

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