Hiring Developers Of All Kinds!



Hello developers! I am here in need of help. I currently run a group called Guitar Center. We have been developing our store for around 4-5 months. Sadly, my developers have been slacking. Therefore I am here asking for help.

What I’m Looking For
Advanced Builder - I am a builder myself. Sadly, time has not been a option lately. I need a builder who can make breathtaking buildings. If you are hired, you will also be asked to make multiple instruments. Such as 4 acoustic guitars, 4 electric guitars, 3 ukuleles, 1 piano, 1 banjo, 1 drum set, 2 cymbals for the drums, and 3 electric basses.

Scripter - Your task will also be difficult. Some tasks I need you to do are make it so you can click an instrument from the wall and I’ll go into your inventory, able to play sounds/chords on the instruments, make it so you have to buy the instrument with a in-game currency, make it so your instrument can break, and make it so the broken instruments can be repaired. Pretty much scripting the whole game.

I know these tasks seem difficult, but I will be there to guide you through it.

You will be given upfront payment for your work. I sadly can not offer much payment, but you will also be given other sorts of payment.

Robux - r$4,500 each.
Revenue - 5-15%

If you are still reading, I would greatly appreciate your help. If interested in working, please contact me on Discord. Paige#3587 Looking forward to hearing from you!


I sent you a friend request on discord.


4500R$ for each asset?


I like it, I have my projects too and the robux will help me finance my game. I sent you a friend request.