Hiring Developers, Scripters, and Builders For a Project

About The Project

The Project name is called “Mark IT”, it is a 3rd person shooter. The game consists of game modes, like BOSS or TDM, Currency and Ranking, Like Buying Weapons and leveling up, and other more smaller features described on Monday, a project management website.

The Team
@MazinMark - Lead Game Designer
@CottonCandyInc - User Interface Designer
None - Game Designer (Builder/Script/Both)
None - Art & Sound Design

The game we will be working on is located here: https://www.roblox.com/games/3319755837

About The Job

Looking for Developers with access to an email that can be used for Monday.com, also looking for Developers who are comfortable with voice chatting on Discord or other access to applications. Monday.com is more of a core requirement than Discord.

The Game Needs a builder for maps, weapons, etc, A Scripter to Script Bosses, NPC’s, and Core Scripts, And a User Interface Designer/Artist to Build artworks for the interface.


The Project is not meant to have any payment at the start, when I receive Robux from the end of the month I will decide to give [X] amount of Robux depending on our progress from the deadline, but there is no assured payment of R$. The R$ was mainly for advertisements. When The Game is finished, everybody gets an equal share of Robux. It will be split among the team of four. The Payment is split among the work done, therefore if someone does this They will Get a higher % of the income, but if the project doesn’t succeed we still have money to distribute for being with the project.


UI - The User Interface Below Consists of some examples, they are artwork for the game.
NotHit HIT
Point Gamepass Icons:
100Points 750Points
Other Icons [Some Even Example Game Content]:
SCOPE2 image image image
image image image image

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/lolmarkdude
Discord: MazinMark#7569
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for Viewing!
-Sincerely MazinMark

Hiya! I have a few questions.

  1. Is your game building or scripting reliant? It might seem unfair if someone is getting 25% for creating models while the other is making hours of code.
  2. Why do the UI Artist take a percent? Usually its mainly contract work, where you pay them a set amount to make you some UIs. Unless you have plans to make your game based on UIs, it’s not exactly ideal.
  3. What are you doing in this project? Lead Game Designer was kind of vague.
    Side note: I can’t play the game. https://prnt.sc/p6517m
    Best of luck on your project!
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I will edit this to provide more information, sorry If this was vague I will go over this to explain as much as I can.

Can you show me an example of the games ideal build examples.

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Most of the creations are outdated, as this was an old game of mine until I started on redevelopment. We can include some older more outdated photos, but at the moment I’m busy on the game. I will definitely get to this as soon as possible.

You can send online examples that you might want.

Without an indication of how well the project will do, many good developers will be put off by the fact that there is no upfront payment (or at least, any guaranteed payment that is codified somewhere). As such, I would recommend looking into expected profits or gathering together the funds necessary to offer a lump sum.

I’m quite interested in this offer, as I have never dealt with % pay, and I’m looking to join a studio of sorts. Please look out for my friend request. Kresty-boi#6882.

Alright I Uploaded Images, now you can see some of the UI part of the content, I will upload in game content when the team and I can sharpen the game up.

Is the building style low poly?

Main Goal is low poly, but we can also do simple bricks and other parts, except circles/spheres.

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