[HIRING] Development Team (Apocalyptic Game)

Hey everyone, ValueKing here :slight_smile:

I’m looking to put together a team of developer who have experience in either or several areas such as Scripting, Building & 3D Modelling, UI Designing and Animating.

The game is am looking develop will be focused on a variety of different apocalyptic aspects such as finding weapons, constructing bases, finding parts to fix up vehicles, fighting off zombies and other players in the game. The main objective is to survive and work together with a team. Everything will be simplified as possible to create the best experience for everyone.

The game I’m looking develop is inspired by a very popular game a few years ago called Apocalypse Rising, our game will have many features that will make it stand out and enjoyable for all ages across the Roblox platform.

What I offer:

I come with years of experience with game developing, marketing and have the investment to push the game to success. I will help manage and orchestrate the development process of the game to ensure everything is done smoothly and efficiently as possible.

What I need:

  • Builder who can use Roblox Studio and a 3D Modelling Software - Position Taken
  • Scripter who has 3+ years of experience
  • UI Designer who knows how to scale and position UI in Roblox Studio
  • Animator who has 1+ years of experience

(If you want to find out more information regarding each role, please contact me using the contact information at the bottom)


  • The payment for each role varies and I’m open to pay a Robux/USD set payout or percentage. The payment will be discussed in more detail once I’ve seen your portfolio. I’m open to negotiation and I am considering paying a set-amount after the work is completed.

Builder Average % = 20%
Scripter Average % = 30%
UI Designer % = 10%

If you’re interesting in taking up this opportunity feel free to contact be using the specifified contact links below or on Discord.

Expected qualities:

  • Experienced
  • Availability
  • Good Communication Skills


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I greatly appreciate it.


I might be able to help, I’ve had experience in CAD software such as Solid-works, which is essentially an architects version of 3D modeling software.

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Nice guy and very friendly from experiences, would recommend working with him due to his personality. Would recommend offering compensation though in case if this project doesn’t make as much as intended, but that might’ve already been included in the post.


I am an artist/texture artist but hope you find what you are looking for!

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I might be interested, would you consider upfront payment?

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How much is the animator going to get paid (per asset)?

It will depend on their prices.

I’m not sure how UI intensive this game is planned to be, but 10% seems like a lot based on the scale you have going.

Where is the other missing 50% going?

How much time are you looking for your developers to put into the game? Also, would this be a monthly payout?

You could be right there, if I am unable to find someone that I feel is suitable for the UI Designing I will most likely design it myself.

Where did you get your 50% mark from? (I believe you mean the other 40%)

That will be going towards the investment into the game and the outsourcing of other developers for the game.

  1. I have no exact figure in mind but I would expect each developer to be as active as possible on the project. At the minimum 7+ hours a week.

  2. It will be a monthly payout

Would you be looking for someone with just Building experience on Roblox and no experience on Blender?

No sorry, I’m looking for someone with both skills.

The building position has been taken now but thanks for the question.

I sent you a friend request on discord

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