Hiring Difficulty Chart Obby Builders!

Hello there, I am Cr4shToon. I’m currently working on a Difficulty Chart Obby and I am in need of builders!

About The Job

I am looking for a semi-experienced builder to make some stud style stages for my difficulty chart obby. I require you to have some decent knowledge and be a skilled obbyist so you can test and complete your own stages.


You will be paid for how much work you do in Robux, 10R$ per stage. I do not offer a percentage of profits or real cash payments. I will you through a game pass or shirt and pay tax. If you are highly experienced I can consider paying more. Every section should have 20 stages so If you build an entire section I will pay 200 robux and if its very creative I will pay more


To contact me, you can either reply to this forum post or DM me on Discord- Crash#8091


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