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About Us
Hello! Exer Studios has been working on a game call Protect the Vault. You can learn a more about the game below. We have been working on it for about 1 month now and we are almost done with the building asset of the game.

Jobs We Are Hiring For

We are currently hiring for the scripting job, building job (low-poly), and UI job. The main jobs for each division will be discussed privately.

Needed Done/Completed

•Low Poly Robber Sage House
•Hold E Interact Script for Vault
•Game Rounds and Team Evener Script

Targets (Obviously can be different)

Age: 7-14
Expected Payouts: 20% or 10k Robux for a start.

payments will change for each job and be private

Click These Links to Learn More About the Game



Protect the Vault
The Robber team will have to try to get to the cafe vault and open it with in 5 minutes. The Cafe Workers will have unlimited re spawns with 45 sec wait time between each re spawn. The robbers will only have 2 lives no re spawn wait time. The guns of choice will be customization and buy able with in game currency which can be bought with Robux. The game will be free to play and not buy to win. It will be a third person shift lock game. The Cafe Workers will have to defend the Cafe vault the best they can. Ranks will be implemented into the game like so. Robber team rank 1 = Hacker or Novice Hacker. The Cafe Worker rank 1 will be = Coffee Expert. Each rank will have different perks like hackers will be able to shut down CCTV cameras and the Coffee Expert will be able to drink coffee for speed boost. Gun upgrades will be available for in-game currency. The winning money will be based on how much and what level the player who opens the vault is and no money is lost for the Cafe Workers. The starting money which is 1,000 coins can buy the player a Glock 17 with a laser sight for the starter weapon. The Cafe is the theme for v1.0 until 2.0. Enjoy it while its here

Contact me on here or Discord @Exer#3465 for more info!

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Hi there! I am interested in being a part of this game. I’ve sent a friend request through Discord;

Discord Username: Fabi#6839

Interested sent a friend requst


Is the position for this still available?

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I’m interested in the UI job.

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