Hiring Experienced Builder [Vehicles]

About The Job

Looking for an experienced builder to do some car builds.

The vehicles need to be cartoony low-poly themed, and are just being used as decorations for the map so doesn’t need to be very detailed.

List of vehicles needed:
Police Car [Sedan, SUV] $15 each
Fire Truck - $25
Ambulance - $20
School Bus - $15
Pickup Truck - $10
Standard Sedan - $10
Van/Mini Van - $10
Standard SUV - $10
Limo - $15

Reference of the build style I’m looking for:


Payment will be around $145-$150 USD for all vehicles built. I tend to pay even more for better quality.


Discord: devenitstu#2588


Sent request, im jakeee#6454

Hi! I sent a request. I can do everything you need in a very timely manner with the quality you need. my discord is Riley#7123. I’m not a builder but I am a 3D modeler as I feel a custom model would be more appropriate for the job you need. (Didn’t mean to reply to you, Cixda… Sorry.)

I sent a request, my username is st3m1n#4737

Finished job and resulted in blocking me… The product was good according to him. Do Not Work For Him.

Proof of evidence? Just so you’re not lying.

Please do not blast me over discord lightmode

This is the picture of me finishing it

Everything is going great at the moment…

Now I am finished and is going to redeem code…

And when I come back to check with him…
I am blocked.

Wow, I made all the 10 vehicles he requested, I haven’t given him the file but he just started to ignore me once I said I completed it and showed proof.

Yes, exactly the same with me.

So, basically this dude just scammed you out of your time?

Yes, pretty much, I think he probably found someone he liked better and decided he would just ignore me for what I did.

He did, mainlyReily told me he hired him instead for 200$ on dm. He ignored many else I believe. Does this count as a scam here?

I would honestly say it’s a mini scam, because we can probably sell these off to someone else, but what he offered was a very good deal and that’s why we made the cars, so he scammed us out of our time. When you say you are interested in someone’s work, you should either close your post or tell them to stop working on it if you’ve found someone better.

Yes, thats exactly what I am thinking. But its just negative that he ignored us.

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