{hiring} experienced scripter

Hey guys so basically im making a Simulator game which is called Sword Simulator
We have 4 members and we only need a Scripter

Payement: Scripter Gets 30% of the Game revenue.

Contact Me : FISHY#8882

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Please whenever you’re posting in the devforums, especially in the recruitment section as it is some peoples lively hoods, provide more information. I’d like to know payment protection, if any. I’d also like to know more about the game you’re talking about, what is the sword simulator about, there are many other sword games so how is this one different? I am not trying to be rude as everyone here on the devforums is here to support eachother, I’d just like to help you with your experience on here. If you need help then you can dm me on the devforums. Also I’d recommend learning markdown, atleast for posts, as it vastly improves the reader’s experience.


Thanks so much for the feedback, Im new to DevForum but ill try my best to do those things that u mentoined ! :smile:

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Hello! I’d like to become a Scripter here and I have a portfolio if you want you can check it out!

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