[HIRING] Fast working scripter needed $ Decent Payment

Looking for a scripter for a Natural Disasters themed game that is capable to do tasks within a short period of time as they are pretty simple and have clear reference, rounds system synced with natural disasters and the disasters themselves using tween service or any other alternative of yours.

Note: All the maps and buildings are completely finished and done so that’s not a concern as you can already work on them and integrate into the round system which will end the disaster and replace it with a new one + map

Payment: 100.000R$ / 350$ USD
Payment can increase depending on the efficiency and speed of the tasks done, this is an urgent need so please do not contact if you’re not willing to dedicate yourself within a limited period of time given, the payment will be given once the tasks stated are all done.

Contact: SLATSTRACK#4923 (Discord)

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