Hiring for a minigame game (40% Revenue)

Hey guys i am hiring a scripter for one of my games. A example is like epic mini-games.


  • 40% of game revenue
  • 350-1000 robux if game flops


  • Must be 13 years old or older
  • Must have discord
  • Must be good at scripting

How to contact me

  • Discord = SkullyGamingDM#7306 if it doesnt work out your discord name in the comments

The game will be kinda like epic mini-games but different then it and it will have lots of fun stuff to do in the lobby or in the minigame.

I don’t know how you would consider my level of scripting, i’m down for it but if you want to see my scripting level before accepting me that would be no problem. :smiley:


Yes i would like to see how good your are also it says when i add you on discord that your not accepting friend request

I tried to add you but it didn’t do right i’ll change my privacy settings

Edit: You can add me now

Done have discord, but I am a experienced Scripter. Over 2 years. You can find my portfolio on my topic!s page.

I could help you on this, I have scripted my own version of some of the minigames in Epic Minigames.

Discord: TigerMANEK426#0733

is that your real account your using

I have many accounts. This is just one of em.

alright whats your discord so I can add you

I’d be up to help out with coding this mini-game. I don’t know how you would scale someone’s skill, but we could figure out how to demonstrate my skills to see if they are what you need.

My Discord is Diamondette#6969.

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