[HIRING] Forge Studios - R15 Combat Animator

I am looking for someone to make 5 sword swing combat animations far better than these current ones:

I will need five swing animations all shown at 15:50 in this video:

Animations include:
Slash left, slash right, back slash left, back slash right, midway slash

I would be fine if you mirrored the animations as long as it looks good, making that only 3 anims (2 mirrored).

As the character swings there will be an applied force via body velocity so the character moves forward. This force will only be applied if there is space between the character and the enemy. There should be general leg movement to make the force applied look more natural. The character HumanoidRootPart should start and end in the same place.

I am looking for people who already have a well established animation portfolio. If you know anyone that may be good for the job let me know and maybe we can work something out.

If you wish to get in contact with me, you can dm me on discord at SingleSided#2488.

Make sure to send me a dm letting me know you came from this post. I get a lot of dms so it would be very helpful.


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