[HIRING] Freelance Builders



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You can discuss the issue on SpedThru on Discord, as I have no proof regarding this matter. However, if you find any proof, feel free to post it in the topic comments.


I have no proof, just my word. If developers want to take up this offer, they sure can. Just be warned…


Im also pretty sure its against the rules to post on behalf of someone else.


I am helping him out with the project, and looking for developers, he is just the main person to contact regarding payment.


It would be best to mention that then. From where I stand it looked as if you were posting on behalf of him.


Here’s the proof. he does say he has Vurse’s permission though.


this message is so shady i need a flashlight

also @eikvagn
you should put payment in the original post, especially if the screenshot above is the same situation; where payment is not guaranteed


This seems a bit shady to me. I’ll keep up with this topic and evaluate it based on what other people say.


It appears it has been decided upon no payment, we’re looking for developers at this time whom are just interested in an oppritunity to help with development.


I thought that would have never played out. Suspicious that as soon as I expose this secret that the truth comes through.