[Hiring] Full time builder for a small studio

Full time builder for a small studio!

About Us

Hello there! We are Reverse Studios, a brand new upcoming studio!
Here at Reverse Studios, we kept the environment small! Aside from me as the builder, there are two scripters and one voice actor who also has the potential to do 3d modelling! However, due to her lack of time, she will only be a voice actor. So, we are hiring builders like you to balance out the team!

The Team
@coolguyweir - CEO/Builder/Modeller
you - Builder/Modeller
@D4shy8oy - Scripter
@Stub06 - Scripter
@a_voc - voice actor
So far, we just got started. So, by joining us, you’ll have an opportunity to work as a founding member of the studio!

About The Job

We are looking for a full time builder for our small studio, due to the imbalance in the team. Because we are a serious team looking forward to the release of our game, I will assign developers daily tasks and sometimes tasks that can take a few days. You must know both roblox studio and blender at an intermediate/advanced level.
The game we are making is a mining game that’s a lot more fun than it sounds. It’s going to involve unique features, open-world exploration, neighborhoods, and much more! The game will have endless possibilities due to its genre being open-world.
Each day, you must finish your daily task, or you will get -0.5% in the profit. But fear not. Not only are the daily tasks easy, you can also earn unlimited percentage by completing 2-3 daily tasks in one day.
Some people think small studios like us don’t have potential. However, that’s not true. If you stay determined along with us, we’ll get through the tough months of deving the game and enjoy its profit when it releases!


The payment will be a percentage share of the game’s profits. Every dev’s starting percentage is 10%. If this sounds less, read on.
Once in a while, if I feel like a dev is doing an extremely good job of deving and is staying determined, I will give a boost of 2 - 5%. Aside from this, as I mentioned earlier, you have the ability to earn percentage unlimitedly.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord at: coolguyweir#9679
I usually try to respond asap. If not, worry not, because I most likely am asleep. When I’m awake, I check discord extremely often.

Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope you join us! Have a great rest of your day!
-coolguyweir, reverse studios.

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