[HIRING] Game Designers | Conceptualist Artist | % Payment Based | Hobby Project

GreenBox is hiring Programmers!

About GreenBox Studios:

GreenBox Studios is a little Indie Videogames Development Company that has just started on Roblox Platform! The goal of this Studio is to make great experiences to the players and let them play on a expansive growing community. We are trying to make something really good, this game would take even 3yrs to be full developed (This is more a hobby than a full-time job).

Aviability: Voice meetings and at least 1.5hr working per day on the game!

What we offer?

  • To be part of our Development Team and participate on this ambitious project!
  • Coexist with other team members and be good friends, talk, play, have fun and be more than just team-mates!
  • Develop an original idea that hasn’t seen on the Roblox Platform!
  • Flexibe shedules when it has to work! You can work at anytime, but we require you to at least work 1.5hr per day! This means, 9hrs per week, you will rest the Sunday.

As a Company we will take care of your mental health and physical too! You can take days off if you want or if you really feel that you need one.

We want you to be…

  • Curious and extrovert person! That has ideas and can improve the mechanics in-game.
  • Create quaility scripts, easy to understand to the other team members and that doesn’t generates errors!
  • Be social with the team and be funny with the others and with the community.

About the job!



  • Design systems and improve some other functions! Even, try to design the maps and names for the currency, maps, regions, mobs, etc.
  • Make sketches of the game functions and the GDD (Game Design Document). As a member of the pre-production team, this is your task.
  • Can work with Programmers, 3D Modelers and all the other departments so you can take in mind of what you should or what are aviable to do the team in terms of abilities.

“Should have” traits

  • Have past experience as a Game Designer.
  • Have at least 5 months as a Conceptualist Artist.
  • Have good communication skills on the language English.

“Nice to have” traits

  • Have good communications skills on the language Spanish.
  • Have a secondary skill on one of the next departments: 3D Modeler, Texturing, UI’s | UX Designing or Game Designing.

Payment method or Compensation

We will pay solid percentage for the Game Designers, this one, will be getting 8% of the revenues that generates the game.

Contact Information

You can reply to this post or send a friend request to my Discord!

Discord username: @AllGood.#7032


  • Portfolio / CV of your working experience as a Game Designer or Conceptualist Artist!
  • Past work on Roblox Platform.
  • Something you are proud and we can get impressed of.
  • Past skeches or documents you have made before.

You must be 15 or older to apply.

Thanks for read the post! Don’t forget to fullfill the requirements when you want to contact us!

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