Hiring GFX Artist

Roni’s Juice Bar: Hiring Graphics Designer;

Hello there! Our group is currently hiring graphics designers. We are striving for success within our group and our development is in progress. As we have a graphics designer and we have a builder, we are in need of a graphics designer! Below we will provide information on what we need, payment, and how to contact us.

What we need:

Our group is in need of assistance with a group logo, thumbnails, game logos.

The Team
@Sincerely_Gym - Creative Team Director, Chairman
@fxlantic - Scripter
@Zeological - Builder
@arxuress - Creative Team Assistance
@N/A - Graphics Designer

You may view our group page: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3930221/Ronis-Juice-Bar

About The Job:

We are looking for experienced graphic designers that have the potential in working at groups. Below we will provide our payment as I am sure you are waiting to see what our prices are going to be.


Our payment is going to be through 1000-200 ROBUX. Reasoning why we are going cheap is because we don’t have many funds as we are a new starting group.


Contact Us

Contact our chairman, g;#7059

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,
Roni’s Chairman, Creative Team


Do you mean paying 1,000-2,000 Robux?

No, apologies. Our payment would be between 1,000 robux and 200 robux. Depending on your work, would be how much we pay you.

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Why T-Shirt payout? New developers that don’t have their own groups usually use this method.

I’m wondering why you dont pay via group payout tbh…since you have a group and all.

Hey, may you show some examples of what you kind of need? This would help alot of GFX artists.

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