Hiring GFX Designer - Paid

Heyo! At Glided Games we are hiring someone to make GFX for our new 5k Update! This update will be released TOMORROW so we need it done tonight, (within the next 4 hours.)
We are paying a total of MAX 300 Robux for a total of:

X3 of the thumbnails, All different, Please use the developers Avatars, The ones with Short Time Developer, They arent really short time, but I dont know why I havent ranked them I will soon ig idk. Please dm me if interested in this job.

Btw all of the Logo and thumbnails need to be OF THE GAME, AND INSIDE OF THE GAME. They need to be on our best tiers, as we are revamping it, and correcting some of the tiers to make them a lot more detailed. [HUGE UPDATE] Trilogy - Tier Obby - Roblox

Please dm me I NEED SOMEONE QUICK, I can also teleport you to the last stage as of right now, so you can cycle through them.

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