[HIRING] Glacial Games is seeking an experienced scripter for their upcoming shooter

About Us
My name is Inkwood, I’m currently one of the Overseers of a game that has just started initial development!

Our game
At the moment we have the basic of idea of a first-person shooter but in low-poly throughout the entire game, along with having
advanced movements (exo-skeleton). The main goal of this game is to help boost a clan I co-lead along with the other overseers (Glacial Recon)
and gain traction into the group through VIP Recruitment.

At the moment we’re having the lobby, maps, guns etc made just so we can push it into pre-alpha before we delve deep.

What we need
Currently in need of one or two (if needed) scripters that are willing to script for us now as well as down the line being able to make the weapons (meshes) functioning similar to how Arsenal has theirs,
however due to the current goal being pre-alpha what I am specifically looking for is;

Functioning Weapons (Reload, Aim down sight, shoot.)
- Guns, Melee
- Equipment (Grenades, Flashbangs)
Functioning Exo-Skeleton
- Boosts character in any direction if you press the right key
Experience with inverse kinematics

Rolling gamemodes/maps
- In Pre-Alpha we only want TDM as the gamemode until Alpha/Beta

In Alpha we would like to implement a lobby system where you would be able to choose your teammates (partying system),
as well as have a functioning shop, loadout etc.

This would be later down the line and would get you more $


75-100 USD, you’d get paid more as time goes on and we move out of each development stage etc.

Contact Us

You can reach me via discord through the tag Ink#5777 / Inkwood
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Looking forward to meeting with you and hopefully joining our team.
Regards, Inkwood

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