[HIRING] GUI-Developer, Scripter | Payment: USD/GBP + %Revenue

Developer Recruitment

What is BetaTech?

BetaTech is a Tech company on Roblox that sells Aviation Products. Such as: Planes, Self Check-in, etc.

The Team
@OMG_Gaming404 - Product Developer
Vacant - Scripter
Vacant - UI Designer

About The Job

Please see below the tasks you will be given for the role you may desire:

UI Developer

The role of UI Developer is will mostly only be given a few tasks. Your job will be to create a product hub where customers can buy products. This must be very sleek and easy to use. It must have different sections, such as ‘Home, Products, Orders’. More info will be given if I am contacted. Let’s say you created a Hub. The scripter would make it so that it connects to Dizzy and maybe make it so that you can change between sections.


The role of Scripter is the most difficult. You will be tasked with scripting the hub, so people can test products, see their orders in progress from the Order section and connect it to the communication server for delivery on there. You will also be tasked with scripting products.


We are paying 10 USD/GBP (One-off Payment after you have finished your first task). And then as following:

  • Scripter - 32% Revenue (Hardest Tasks)
  • UI Developer - 32% Revenue

Contact Us

You can contact me via my username: Happy_our#9259

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I sent you a friend request but would you be able to provide some reference material, i am envisioning something modern/low level sci-fi, my portfolio is here but after i could see some reference material i would mock something up if you dont like my portfolio:

Hello! Could you resend it, I accidentally declined! @Badle_Yt

All done! its fine as I used to do it with applications for my minecraft realm that i used to run and was recently kicked from for counting :confused:

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Hi! I would like to apply for the UI designer role. I Have 1 screenshot of my work right now since the other screen shot i had vanished from my files somehow. Discord:TendoMVP#6894.Contact me as soon as possible or reply to this and ask me to contact you instead.Also* i will need proof that you have the funds to pay me.( If i get accepted, ofcourse). I don’t charge a lot since I have not had a lot of commissions, due to the fact that i spend my time either working on projects or relaxing with family or playing with friends. My Roblox username is Epic_Tendo.

Thanks for reading if you took the time to! I hope to work with you in the future.:slight_smile:

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