[Hiring] High quality ad designer

Hello! i am looking to hire a High Quality Ad Designer for my Group

What do i need done?
I need a high quality roblox ad for a development group!


  • must be 13 or older
  • must be good with making ad’s

The payment is 300 robux

You can message me on the following

Discord: Ze_Xro#0001
Devforum: Ze_xro

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could you add a bit more detail about what you are looking for? also for 300 you aren’t going to get much high quality. suggest raising the price a bit. i could potentially be interested

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messaged you, mate. looking forward to it

I can’t add you. 30 characters.

I’d recommend @Fallen2D, his ads are 350 but he draws them and he has done digital art for games with over 50 million visits!

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