|HIRING| hiring a lead scripter

Luxwood Entertainment

About Us

We’re creators of Planet Pizza Group

And now we’re preparing a new project of the year.

The Team
@Heartless808s - Founder & Holder
@Saltax - Co-Founder & Lead developer |Modeler/Builder/Animator|
@ Silv3rAr00w12 - Developer |Modeler/Builder|
@Zombiewcy - Developer |Modeler/Builder/Sound Effects|
@benda116 - Developer |Scripter|

About The Job

We’re searching for a very well, almost the most experienced scripters, to script in-game economy, sports,casino & 8-ball pool and much more!
You should be able to script anything

FREE MODELS are strictly forbidden!
We search for only high quality scripts

The completion date of the project is 1-3 months, but 1-2 months would be great.


We are paying R$/USD after the completion of this project, and also a weekly payment.
We’re going to talk about the price in direct chat

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer forum and Discord
Discord - Saltax#0001
You must be 15 years or older to apply.


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