[HIRING] Hiring an advanced Scripter!


I’m iAxcerz, an owner, developer, and group manager of several notable groups on ROBLOX! I’m looking for an advanced scripter capable of fixing some bugs on my group game, as well as potentially rescripting an entity.

This group is Ice Salon, created by Military_Duffle, founder of the original NBC Shirt Creators, The Robloxian General Hospital, Fume Salon, and Dino Daycare.

Ice Salon is a Salon and treatment care game, allowing players to recieve appointments, get new hairstyles, change their avatars under the care of our stylists, receive makeup, and get tanning appointments at our tanning beds. The latter is our issue.


These tanning beds are supposed to work in this order:
- Recieve an appointment via a stylist at our front reception desk
- With your stylist, walk over to one of our many tanning beds
- With the prompt that pops up on your screen as you near the tanning bed, you hold E and start your appointment
- You stay in the tanning bed for however long the stylist chooses, between 15 seconds and 1 minute.
- While in the bed, your ROBLOX Avatar skin gets increasingly darker, until you have the “tanned” look, depending on how long you were in the bed for.
- Your appointment ends and you are able to leave the tanning bed.



The problem with this is, the prompt has recently stopped being produced. It has disappeared and players are not able to have their tanning appointments, and it’s breaking a lot of aspects of the playability, as now only a couple of options are given for an appointment.



I am offering a lot of ROBUX for this job, preferably done after you have finished to avoid scammers. (anywhere between 5k - 50k ROBUX, depending on your skill and how the finished product is.)


You must have an extensive amount of previous experience and skill regarding scripting. I don’t want to be contacted by people who might be able to fix this issue, only people who know they can fix this issue.

My Discord is ax#6727, DM me if you want to discuss further explanations and if you have any offers for me.

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