(HIRING) Hiring devoleper team for my Imperio Hotel

Imperio Hotel
Hi! I’m currently hiring devoleper team for Imperio Hotel
Here is list of people I need
Scripters(2/2) – Aplication for scripters is closed
Builders(2/2) – Aplication for Builders is closed!
UI Designer(0/1)
GFX Artist(1/1) – Aplication for GFX Artist is closed
Until we start earning R$ You will minium 100 and max is 2000 this DEPENDS ON WORK
When we start earning R$ Scripters will get 30% of earn Builder 30% too and UI designer and GFX artist will get 20% of earn
If you’re interested please friend me on discord Vojta#7167
You need be 13+ to apply!

Please if you send me FR request and you don’t was accepted please send me FR again

How big is the hotel and what is the building style gonna be like?

Hi! The hotel is gonna be medium and style low-poly

How many storeys high is it gonna be?

And btw does the builder model the tools and the terrain?

Well tools no only map and terrain

Got it, btw if you want to hire me message me on my RBLX account

Hello there! I sent you a FR my name is Stealth#9334


Please send me a friend request Msami#3783.
I am interested in the GFX Designer position.

For me to work for you, I will need an upfront (payment before work is started) payment and if you do not pay my requested amount for the work upfront, then you will pay the rest after the work is completed.


I already send you Friend Request!

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We are still looking for two scripters and one UI Designer!

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