[Hiring] | Hiring Experienced Modeller

Hey developers, our Border group is hiring experienced modellers.

The team:
Builder: @selepathic
Programmer: @selepathic
UI Design: @selepathic
Modeller: @you

What we are attempting to complete

Our border group is approaching the way this game works differently. We will be adding more gameplay ideas, more teams and much more we can discuss in DMs.

We do not believe in ‘buyable ranks’ or ‘hover boards’, and wish to focus on game content more than anything.

We ask that you are a permanent developer.

(Just a heads up)

What we expect from our modeller

We expect the work you have promised, and only the best of it, we wont rush you but ask you to finish it within a respectable time. Your work should be high quality, and we expect no less.

What we will most likely be asking for:

  • A heavy amount of different types of armour
  • A small amount of cars
  • Some other interior and exterior props.
  • More?

Working hours

As I stated in earlier in the post, we won’t push you, but we do ask that you finish within a respectable time. We do expect over at least 5-6hrs+ of work, you are allowed a full day break (Maximum 2 weekly).

I believe that developers work hard enough on learning, or doing other projects, I’ve experienced it myself, so whilst working for me I believe you should feel relaxed, and happy to be a developer for our group.


Due to our group literally just starting, our funds are a whooping 0. But we do plan to invest.
You are paid, but we like to focus on advertisements and other beneficial requirements towards our group.

If our funds are right, we will most likely pay you around 5000 robux, we cannot promise a backup payment, but we will promise:

40% of all group funds.

Contact Me

Interested? Contact me on:
Devforum: Simply DM me here. (Unadvised)
Discord: selepathic#8025 (Preferred)

You must be 13 or older to apply for this position.

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