[HIRING] Hiring programmer for a Open World RPG One Piece

Hi, I’m Adeel and I’m a 3D Modeler (I use Autodesk Maya). I’ve been modelling for just over 4 years now and am comfortable working in varying game engines, primarily Unity, Unreal Engine and as of recently Roblox Studios. I’ve worked on smaller team-based projects but am looking to take a step towards something bigger in the form of a Roblox game with triple AAA elements, my passion project. I’ve enjoyed so many Roblox games but each time I play one I can’t help but feel that we can do better.

About the Job: I am looking for a Game Mechanics programmer. Mechanics will range from basic combat to inventory and quest management. You will need to be passionate about making games and have at least some interest in anime as the game you will be working on is a small scale, One Piece inspired online RPG. Communication is important within this project, there will be weekly meetings to ensure progress in consistent as everyone who is currently part of the team is wholly committed to creating a successful game on Roblox unlike anything that is currently on the platform.

You would be the final part of the team (Which currently consists of 3D Environment Artists, UI Artist, VFX Artists, 3D Animator and a Character Modeler) and we’re all really looking forward finally getting the ball rolling and having a passionate programmer within our ranks.

Contact Me: You can contact me through Discord. My name Stick#7643 See you soon.


Payouts are evenly distributed when the game receives Robux.

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