[HIRING] In-game Server Side Ranking

Hello, I am looking for someone that would be interested in working with me on a new up-coming game. You will need to be able to make a EXP system, and mostly pretty easy stuff. This is where it gets tricky. I need someone that is able to have a user ranked in a ROBLOX GROUP when they reach a certain amount of EXP in-game. If you know how to do this, please contact me through Discord or comments.

DISCORD: Boat#0001



How much is the pay? I am willing to help if this is a paid job

I am willing to pay depending on how well you complete this task.

I don’t even know if that’s even possible to do (change group roles in a game ) I’ll see if there is anything on the wiki for group roles api

Sent you a DM on Discord! I’d like to help you out.

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Make sure you follow the suggested guidelines when you’re making your hiring posts. You’ll be more likely to find someone who wants to take the job if you do!

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